Stresses On a Maid Of Honour

When a friend or family member gets engaged, excitement abounds as celebrations kick off. You might anticipate being asked to join the wedding party, eagerly awaiting the big question. However, when you’re asked to be the maid of honour, a mix of thrill, delight, and apprehension washes over you, knowing you now bear the significant responsibility of planning the perfect hen party for the bride-to-be.

At, we understand the stress that comes with orchestrating a hen party as the maid of honour. But fear not! While there are tasks to tackle for the hen, you’re more than capable of handling them. We’ve compiled some tips to help you navigate the pressures of being the maid of honour for a hen party.

What type of Bride is she

First and foremost, consider the personality of the bride-to-be. As she has entrusted you with the role of maid of honor, it indicates a close bond between you. Therefore, you likely have an intimate understanding of her preferences. You’ll know the type of location she would appreciate, her favorite foods, and which activities would suit her best. With this knowledge, try not to feel overly stressed. You, more than anyone else, have the insight to make informed decisions.

Our advice? Trust in what she likes. When you align the plans with her tastes and interests, you’re already halfway to creating a memorable and enjoyable hen party experience.

Who is coming

Next, it’s crucial to determine the guest list for the hen party, which can initially seem daunting but can be managed with organisation and a systematic approach. Begin by requesting a list from the bride-to-be of everyone she wishes to invite. Gather their contact information, including phone numbers or emails.

As the maid of honour, reach out to each guest either via email or WhatsApp, introducing yourself and informing them of your role in organising the hen party. Provide the date of the event and kindly request their confirmation of attendance. Group chats on WhatsApp are perfectly acceptable for this purpose.

Once you have received responses and confirmed attendees, you can proceed with further planning knowing the numbers are in place. With a methodical approach, you’ll have the guest list sorted in no time.


When it comes to choosing the location for the hen party, it’s important to approach it calmly and thoughtfully, as this decision can indeed be stressful. Consider the personality of the bride-to-be and the preferences of the group. Does she thrive in lively environments with bustling nightlife, or does she prefer something quieter and more relaxed?

Additionally, take into account the accommodation options available in each location. For example, a city like Kilkenny may offer a wide range of choices compared to a more remote location like the Aran Islands.

Travel logistics are also crucial to consider. Evaluate the distance from your hometown, the most suitable mode of transportation for the group, and associated costs. If guests are traveling from different directions, factor in the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the chosen location.

Ultimately, prioritize the bride-to-be’s preferences when selecting the location. Ensuring that she enjoys the spot will contribute to a memorable and enjoyable hen party experience for everyone involved.

Meals and Eating out 

Ensuring that everyone enjoys a satisfying meal during the evening is indeed a significant aspect of the hen party planning process, and it can cause stress for the maid of honour. However, with careful consideration, this task can be managed successfully.

When selecting a dining option, keep in mind that the hen party may include individuals with diverse tastes and preferences. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a restaurant or pub that offers a variety of food options to cater to everyone’s preferences. Opting for a sit-down meal with multiple course choices can be a good idea, as it allows guests to select dishes that appeal to them.

However, simplicity is key when it comes to ensuring that everyone enjoys the meal. While you might have adventurous culinary preferences, it’s important to prioritize the preferences of the group as a whole. Avoid niche or exotic cuisines that may not be universally appealing, and instead, opt for options that are more likely to be enjoyed by the majority of guests.

Ultimately, the goal is to create an enjoyable dining experience where everyone feels comfortable and satisfied. By selecting a restaurant or pub with a diverse menu and focusing on simplicity and broad appeal, you can help alleviate stress and ensure that the meal is a highlight of the hen party festivities.

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