5 ways to give the Bride has the best Hen ever

Planning the hen party is a significant responsibility for the Maid of Honour, and ensuring the bride has the best time possible is key. Here are five tips to help make the bride’s hen party unforgettable


  • Let Her Have a Say: Consult with the bride before planning the hen party to ensure her preferences and wishes are considered. While you’re in charge of organizing, it’s important to involve the bride in the decision-making process to ensure the event reflects her tastes and desires.
  • No Big Surprises: Avoid planning any surprises that the bride may not appreciate or enjoy. Use insights gained from conversations with her to plan a hen party that aligns with her interests and preferences. Avoid any unexpected elements that may cause stress or discomfort for the bride.
  • Make It About Her: Keep the focus of the hen party on the bride and her enjoyment. Ensure that all activities and celebrations are centered around celebrating her and making her feel special. Avoid any distractions or surprises that may detract from her experience as the guest of honor.
  • Not Just Partying: Recognise that not all hen parties need to revolve around partying, alcohol, and nightlife. Consider the bride’s personality and preferences when planning activities, whether it’s a relaxing spa day, a cozy night in with friends, or a fun-filled adventure outdoors.
  • Bring on the Fun: Regardless of the activities planned, prioritize fun and enjoyment throughout the hen party. Incorporate elements that will make the bride laugh, smile, and feel cherished. Whether it’s silly props, games, or heartfelt moments with loved ones, ensure that the atmosphere is filled with joy and positivity.

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