A Cork Hen Party

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A Cork Hen Party is an unforgettable experience. Therefore Cork has been consistently ranked as one of the top destinations for real Irish Hen Parties. Ireland’s largest county, Cork has no shortage of things to do and places to go for your Hens. Easily accessible from all parts of Ireland it’s the perfect place for the hens to congregate and give the bride-to-be the perfect send-off. Good food, great nightlife, and loads of exciting things to do, a Cork Hen Party has it all!!


There’s a lot of things you could say about Cork, but not having enough to do isn’t one of them. There really is something for everyone, so if you’d like to take a walk around the historic sights or learn to surf Cork has you covered. Speaking of learning to surf, being surrounded by water means that Cork has some amazing water-based activities for you to try – maybe you’d like to go kayaking or take it easy with a harbour boat tour. It’s up to you, just tell us and we’ll make it happen!

For those of you who like the feeling of solid ground, there’s an almost endless list of land-based activities for your Hen Party in Cork. Try a Murder Mystery Pub Crawl where you go from pub to pub trying to solve a murder – the only problem is the murderer is one of your Hens! There’s also the ever-popular Paint-a-Nude – ok, you might be looking for a more classy Hen Party but everyone enjoys a giggle.

We haven’t even gotten to the outdoor stuff yet! For a more physical Hen Party you could roll and flip your way around with Bubble Football. Maybe you’d like to pick the other Hens off one by one with Laser Tag – all in good sport of course! These are only a selection of what we offer, there are many more Cork Hen Party activities that we can organise for you. All you have to do is get in touch and find out!


You won’t be scratching your head when it comes to the evening either. There’s no shortage of restaurants of all types in Cork. In the mood for an Indian or maybe a more traditional Irish meal? It’s up to you! Our Hen packages are made to suit your group, so you tell us what you like and we’ll make the perfect Hen Party package for you.


Cork comes alive at night. The amount of places to party is dizzying, but that’s what we’re here for. We’ll tell you where you have to go and where’s best to avoid… Would you like to spend the Hen night on a pub-crawl or just enjoy the nightlife at your own pace? We’ll make sure your night goes off without a hitch.

All of this is great, but if it’s a pain to get everything sorted what’s the point, right? Well, that’s where our dedicated team comes in. We’ll handle everything for you and our online group management system means everyone can pay on their own time. No more chasing payments!

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Cork Hen Party Deluxe Package

Are you conscious of the costs involved in attending a hen party? Do you want to ensure none of the bride’s friends have to drop out because they can’t afford to join the celebrations? For those of you who are on a budget this is the perfect option for your group.

Hen Party Cork City's vibrant nightlife is second to none.

Cork Hen Party Executive Package

If you have a little more cash to spend this is the package for your group of ladies. Instead of a B&B we can offer a hotel, instead of finger food or main course only dinner we can offer a 2 course meal. Just some little extras to make the weekend even more special.

A Hen Party to remember thanks to Hen Free.

Cork Hen Party Presidential Package

If you want the Hen Party to end all Hen Parties with a focus on the finer things then the Presidential Package is for you! Enjoy your stay in a luxury hotel with all the usual perks and extras. Even your meals are upgraded too, with places in the best restaurants available.

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