Hen Party Goodie Bag

A hen party goodie bag is a delightful package filled with small gifts and treats distributed to guests attending the event. The contents of these bags can vary, offering a mix of fun and practical items such as snacks, drinks, party favors, and beauty or pampering products. believes that a hen party goodie bag adds an extra layer of excitement and surprise to the event, providing guests with useful items to enjoy during the celebration and perhaps even the morning after. These bags are typically presented to guests at the onset of the hen party, often during a special moment such as a lunch gathering or meal, adding a touch of ceremony to the occasion.

What should I put in the Hen Party Goodie Bag?

When considering what to include in the goodie bags, it’s essential to align the contents with the hen party’s theme and the preferences of the guests. Here are some suggestions:

  • Snacks: Options range from indulgent treats like sweets and chocolate to healthier choices such as flapjacks or dried fruit.
  •  Drinks: Provide refreshments like bottles of water or iced coffee to keep guests hydrated and energized.
  • Hangover cures: For a lighthearted touch, consider including electrolyte packets or other humorous remedies.
  •  Party favors: Add to the festive atmosphere with items like tiaras, temporary tattoos, or playful dress-up accessories.
  •  Personalized items: Elevate the experience with customized touches such as monogrammed makeup bags or personalized t-shirts.
  •  Beauty or pampering items: Enhance relaxation and self-care with goodies like face masks or bath bombs.
  •  Practical items: Consider including essentials like sunscreen, particularly if the hen party will be outdoors.

What sort of bag should I use?

There’s a wide array of bag options suitable for hen party goodie bags. Here are some ideas.

  •  Tote bags: These are practical and versatile, ideal for carrying items during the hen party and afterward.
  •  Drawstring bags: Easy to carry and securely closed, these are great for keeping items safe.
  •  Gift bags: Available in various sizes and styles at party supply stores, they’re convenient but may lack durability.
  •  Cloth bags: Environmentally friendly and reusable, they can be personalized with guest names or the hen party theme.

Your choice of bag will depend on factors like budget, party theme, and the items to include. Consider the size and weight of the contents and opt for a bag that comfortably accommodates everything while being sturdy enough to hold up.

What else to consider

Hen party goodie bags offer a delightful opportunity to infuse the event with excitement and surprise. Here are some key considerations for crafting memorable goodie bags:

  •  Theme Consistency: Align the contents with the hen party theme. For instance, for a beach-themed party, include items like sunglasses, beach balls, or sunscreen.

  •  Guests’ Interests: Tailor the contents to the interests of the attendees. For example, if guests are food enthusiasts, opt for gourmet snacks or food-themed items.

  •  Dietary Restrictions and Allergies: Be mindful of any dietary restrictions or allergies among the guests, ensuring there’s a variety of options to accommodate everyone.

  •  Budget Consciousness: Determine a budget for the goodie bags and select items that fit within it.

  •  Guest Count: Ensure there are enough items for all guests, and consider the size and weight of the items to avoid overly heavy or unwieldy bags.

  •  Practicality: Include practical items that guests can use during the hen party, such as snacks, drinks, or hangover cures.

  •  Personalisation: Add a personal touch to the goodie bags, such as monogramming or including personalized items, to make them feel extra special and memorable.

Hen party goodie bags contribute to the overall enjoyment of the event by providing guests with a sense of pampering and appreciation. They enhance the party’s theme and cater to the guests’ interests, making the experience more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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