Why have a Hen Party?

Are they a necessity, tradition, pain or just an optional extra to a wedding? Whatever your opinion, we have put together a list of things to consider when decided upon having a hen party!

The Night Out

This may sound like a dreaded event to some. But the night out can be great. You pick the guests, the plan and the night/s themselves without needing to worry about the stress of it. That’s the bridemaids job, ofcourse booking through HenFree.ie makes it all even easier (and cheaper).

The Quiet Option

Ofcourse, some hens just want to relax. So why not get a small hen together and have a great weekend spent in the spa and having an overall luxurious hotel. If this is something you would consider, then just let us know in your package builder and get the best possible weekend away for your hen party!

The Stag Will Probably Have one too

Have both on the same night and the bride and the groom can miss each other the same amount. Go to different locations to still get away or have a Sten Party! Don’t be left to the side while “himself” goes off on a night out. Have just as much fun and cater it to your needs for your hen weekend. Don’t get left behind!

Maybe even book both the Stag and Hen with our brother business and ourselves respectively and get 5% off. Get the best prices and deals with us!

A Rite of Passage

It’s necessary to have a hen party if you want to be a real bride! It’s the only real rite of passage we still have with weddings. So have a real Irish hen party and get the best one yet with us in HenFree. Contact the team today to get a real personalised service and we hope will make you feel like the organisation process is as easy as pie. No need to add another stress to it!

If you’re interested… you can book right here. Just send us an email (info@henfree.ie) or ring us (+353 87 384 5887) and we will organise a perfect package for your hen party!!!


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