hen party hangover, The Essential Hen Party Hangover Kit

The Essential Hen Party Hangover Kit

Whether you’re the bride, or simply celebrating with your best friends, when heading to a hen party you MUST be prepared!

Here we take a look at the MUST HAVE items you’ll need to pack! Once the celebrating is over you’ll want to feel human again!


Hen Party Hangover Kit Bag

First things first, you’ll need somewhere suitable to keep your lifesaving items during the hen do. Hangover kit bags are the way to go!

The morning after can be a little foggy at best, and you’re not going to want to be rummaging around in your suitcase or travel bag for the one glimmer of light that may make it possible for you to leave your hotel room.

Keep your hangover kit in a handy sized bag which you can pack away safely and enable you to grab everything you need all in one go! Click here for some cute ideas from Etsy.

Sweet Goodies

Okay, so this one isn’t so much about survival, but it’s definitely a great way to break the ice and endear yourself to your fellow hens! The lady with the sweets will always be popular! Click here for some great (perhaps a little rude) ideas from Party World!

Bottle of Water

This is essential! Whether you’re being sensible and pre-hydrating before a night on the vino, or it’s a morning after hangover buster, a bottle of water is definitely a must have item! And if you’re being super organised why not use it as a further opportunity to climb the popularity ladder by presenting your fellow hens with their very own personalised water bottles? Check out Spreadshirt for some nifty ideas.


Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. Picture the morning after, your eyes slowly opening. Here it comes…. BANG! Headache Central!

Sometimes nothing will take the edge away like a standard, moderate painkiller that’s easy on the tummy. Oh and water bottles wouldn’t go astray.

Face mask

Now that we’ve covered the life savers, how about some luxury items? Spoil yourself!

A face mask is perfect to rejuvenate and bring back to life your poor dehydrated skin. Ideal for the two night hen party to recover from round one before a second night on the tiles!

Hen Party Mints

This is often overlooked, yet super important! Think about it, when we’re away with the girls the diet very often goes out the window! Garlic chips, nachos, fries, pizza – you name it! It’s a great idea to freshen your breath as you go, and in keeping with the hen party theme, even your mints can be personalised! Browse online for some cheap, fun options! Ebay is the perfect example. So head to Party World and get your bits and bobs, get a survival kit, face mask, sweets and everything in your hen party pack.

No matter what your recovery kit comprises of, there hasn’t been a hangover yet that can take away the fantastic memories of a brilliant hen party! And of course, enjoying the experience once all of the organising is done should be a given!

HenFree takes the stress out of organising the perfect hen party, whether it’s a straightforward night out or a great weekend away! We do EVERYTHING so you don’t have to and the hen goes free!

By Eddie Hen Party Tips