sten party, Sten Parties

Sten Parties

Today, we take a look at a new ideology that has begun to sweep across the world of hens and stags. These brand new sten parties are the perfect option for that couple who just can’t be apart before the wedding. This trend can be the ideal compromise for some. It can be wonderful to simple combine the 2 intimate parties into one sten! Give the gift of company for the Bride and Groom with a sten do! Whether you are in Ireland or it’s a holiday package, this can be perfect.

What is a sten Party?

sten party, Sten PartiesA sten party is a stag party and hen party combined into one. Sten (or Shen), innovative, right? It can be the perfect option for alot of couples and it involves combining both hens and stags in the one accommodation, activities, dinner and night-out. It allows everyone to enjoy the one night together, everyone getting to know each and really connects everyone. Whilst still going out separately for the nightlife if needed! The possibility of running into the opposite group whilst still being out separately can add a whole lot more fun! We have the very best sten party ideas. Mix the bachelor and bachelorette party together and have some combined fun!

The Benefits

Sten Parties can bring a range of great benefits such as:

  • The couple being together – Although apart, the couple may want to be out at the same time as each other, so that both parties can enjoy the night at the same time.
  • Larger Group – If the group is small for the stag and hen, then a sten is the way to go to pick up numbers whilst ensuring that only your close friends and family members are going!
  • Cheaper – The larger the group, generally the cheaper. This means you can save money by everyone booking at the one restaurant, one accommodation, one activity.
  • New Connections – Getting to know the stags best mates when you’re one of the hen’s besties is always a good idea and a sten is the perfect opportunity for that!

The Negatives

There are ofcourse some negatives. A sten will not suit everyone! But it could suit you!

  • Suiting Everyone – It’s hard to suit everyone for a hen or stag as it is with activities and the such. So a sten will always be a bit harder.
  • “Last Night of Freedom” – The idea of a stags and hens last night of freedom kind of disappears with a sten party. But this is a sacrifice many couples are happy to make.
  • Large Numbers – If your numbers are large, then a sten party may not suit. If you have too many people taking part, there may be too much for many activity and accommodation providers.
sten party, Sten Parties

Where to Book?

If you’re interested… you can book right here. Since we operate as both and, we can cater to both all in one! Just send us an email ( or ring us (+353 87 384 5887) and we will organise a perfect package for your sten party!!! Just mention STEN!

By Eddie Hen Party Tips