, How to decline a hen party invite

How to decline a hen party invite

Have you been invited to a hen weekend abroad that you really are not fussed about spending the extra cash, using up your annual leave or perhaps you don’t know the hen that well at all.

The implications of going abroad

To go or not to go, that is the big question that wanders through your brain. Hen parties abroad have become extremely popular amongst hen groups recently. However, a lot of people are not too keen on the idea. Why is this, do you think? It turns out a very costly affair and you’ve to waste a lot of time traveling. Attending hen weekends inland means less stress, fuss, and hassle!

How to decline the invite

You’ve received the invitation and now you worry how you’re going to politely decline? Don’t worry, we’re going to give you some helpful tips on how to decline the invite.

Break the news in person

Firstly, we could not recommend enough breaking the news in person. Being able to explain to the bride your reasoning behind not being able to attend is important. Sending a quick text might come off as disrespectful or rude. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be making any enemies by not attending the hen weekend!

Suggest meeting another date

Perhaps you could suggest meeting up for a coffee or lunch date to compensate for not being able to make the hen. The bride would probably really appreciate this. This would take the bad look off not attending her special weekend!

, How to decline a hen party invite
, How to decline a hen party invite
, How to decline a hen party invite


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