hen party games, Hen Party Games

Hen Party Games

Are you planning a hen party in a house/apartment and are looking for ideas on what you could do before or after you head out? Whether you are drinking or not, there are plenty of games you could plan in advance or even do last minute if needed. Here is our list of the best hen party game ideas to play during the bachelorette party! Don’t forget, you can arrange the full hen party package with us at HenFree and the bride doesn’t pay a thing!


Why not make some fun and descriptive nicknames for every member of the group. Something special for everyone, maybe even base it off a movie or TV show like Friends… “The one who…” Perfect to do prior to the nightout and have a bit of fun during the night! Hen do nicknames, they certainly can be rude!

Truth or Dare

How about a game that you can do both in the house/apartment and the night out. A game of truth or dare is perfect to get the naughtiness out of the hen party and have a huge amount of fun at the same time. Hen night drinking games are amazing free ideas to get a hen started. One of the best hen do party games ideas.

Make a Man

All you need is PlayDoh! Whoever makes the best (and most realistic) sculpture wins! A perfect indoor game for both before and after the hen night!

Cock or Not / Cock or What

This involves a little preparation. Judging from a particular close up of an image, you need to guess whether or not the image in question is from the male reproductive system or just an unfortunately similar image.

Mr & Mrs Quiz

Now something nice and easy, but you can add in any twists you want. Ultimately the aim is, who knows the couple the best? Maybe if you get something wrong you have to drink. A great hen party game for any Irish group. Mr and Mrs hen party quiz. Truely one of the best hen party games and a classic hen party quiz.

True or False

This can be similar to the Mr & Mrs Quiz or it can be something completely different. Either way, the aim is that the bride writes down some extreme or not so extreme facts and falsities about herself or the groom and the bridesmaids and party goers have to guess what is accurate!

Prosecco Bong

How about a classic game of beer pong but with prosecco, you barely need anything but prosecco and cups and ofcourse a ball. So why not give it a go during your hen weekend!

Bride Advice

Finally a nice thing to finish off on it to gather some blank slips to personalise and write a message to the bride to be with some advice or just a cheeky joke. A short little thing to do to make the bride to be feel special!

These 8 fab games will be sure to make you laugh out loud in a cheap and cheerful kind of way! Get planning!


hen party games, Hen Party Games

hen party games, Hen Party Games

hen party games, Hen Party Games

hen party games, Hen Party Games

By Eddie Hen Party Ideas