when to book, When to book the Hen

When to book the Hen

Your best friend or sister is getting married and you’ve been tasked with organising the hen weekend. You want to give the bride the best send off before becoming a married gal. It’s your first time being a bridesmaid and you’re overwhelmed with all the bits and bobs involved. We’re going to provide you with a crash course to become the hen hostess with the mostess!


Organisation is key when planning a hen weekend. We would advise booking the hen from eight weeks up to one year before the wedding takes place. This cancels out any errors that may occur or panicking if something doesn’t go right.

Talk to the bride

Before going ahead with any planning, speaking to the bride is a must to find out where she would like to go and what she would like to do. Ideally, the aim is to keep a lot of details as a surprise but to get a rough idea its best to speak to the bride.

Talk to the hen group

Talking to the hen group is equally as important as talking to the bride as their opinions also matter. Perhaps doing a group vote might be useful when deciding on the location and activities.

The Budget

The budget is a big factor. Talking to the other hens to see where everyone is at regarding prices. Once the budget is sorted, you can then start planning.


The most important factor in planning the hen weekend is booking the accommodation. Once the accommodation is sorted, booking all the extra bits is a lot easier. We would recommend booking accommodation far in advance to avoid being disappointed!


There is less pressure when it comes to activities. You can get away with booking the activities later!


We hope you found this post helpful! Make sure to start planning your hen weekend early. If you need a bit of extra help, you can always pop us an email and we can plan the whole weekend!


when to book, When to book the Hen
when to book, When to book the Hen
when to book, When to book the Hen
when to book, When to book the Hen
By Eddie Hen Party Ideas