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Wellness Hen Parties

Wellness and the concept of self-care has grown at such a rate that it has become one of the super hot trends of 2020! And predictably, thanks to its many benefits and overall popularity, it’s made its way into the party scene. More specifically into the hen party scene!

May we introduce to you: wellness hen parties! And, yes, we did just use “wellness” and “party” in the same sentence. Typically, when you think of hen parties, health and wellness are NOT the first things that come to mind. Well, maybe it’s time to change your thinking!

What are they?

Wellness hen parties are focused on your physical and mental health, and promote relaxation, wellness, and your best self! There are tonnes of ways to achieve a wellness hen party, and tonnes of reasons why you should, and we’re going to break it all down in this article!

So what exactly is wellness? And what does it have to do with your hen party? Wellness is defined as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal”. So, essentially wellness is the state and pursuit of health. That is the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, or environmental health. So, anything that makes you a “healthier” person (in whichever sense), is wellness! Rather surprisingly, a hen party is the perfect place to practice and achieve wellness believe it or not. Wellness tends to get overlooked in unusually stressful or tough times. And, if we know anything about wedding planning – it’s stressful!

Utilising your hen party to slow down, relax, and practice self-care is a great idea to help reduce pre-wedding stress and anxiety! It prepares you for your big day instead of setting you back (which a nasty hangover can definitely do – see our previous blog post). Wellness gets you more in touch with yourself and those around you while promoting well-rounded health and well being. If this sounds more like your speed, keep reading!

Wellness at a hen party?

Now that we understand the basics, and have a better idea of what exactly we’re talking about, we can get into how wellness (especially at a hen party) is achieved. There are honestly countless ways to achieve wellness, and it’s pretty subjective meaning that what one person swears by may not be super effective for another. Because of this, part of wellness is understanding yourself: your body, your needs, and what works and does not for yourself. Thus, wellness is a continual journey of exploration and discovery, not to sound totally cheesy.

Though the wellness world is virtually endless, and we definitely suggest taking advantage of that, there are some basic wellness-promoting activities that tend to monopolise the field. These activities are more “mainstream”, and a lot of them are great for beginners or groups – ahem, hen parties! To make it super easy, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favourite wellness hen party ideas!

Spa day

Facials, massages, saunas, the spa is the ultimate wellness hotspot!

Yoga class

Yoga is the stereotypical wellness activity – and for good reason, it’s great! Even if you’re not into the spiritual aspects, yoga is amazing for your body physically.

Guided meditation

Sometimes getting out of your head can be hard. Try guided meditation for a little help in achieving total relaxation.

Get off “the grid”

Whatever you’re doing, opt to stay “present” – off of mobile phones and other devices. Enjoy your time and connect with yourself and those around you.

Focus on food & drink

Try a healthy cooking class or juice tasting. There’s so much to explore in terms of food and drink that does a body good.

A good, old-fashioned, sleepover

When has a sleepover not been good for the soul?

Wellness retreat

There are superb locations dotted throughout Ireland, perfect for a tranquil retreat.


What makes you happy? Devote time to it! Whether its binging TV shows or baking, promote your emotional wellbeing and indulge (healthily).

Opt outside

Nature can be super healing. Try a hike or beach day! And don’t let the Irish climate put you off!

A fitness class

There are tons of fitness classes that blend physical and mental health all over the country. Just tell us exactly what it is you’re looking for, and we’ll do our upmost to make it happen. 

By Eddie Hen Party Tips