Self Catering Hen Party

A Self Catering hen party can be the perfect option for some hens. If you can find a self catering accommodation that allows hens that is! We can find loads of them for you and we can organise it completely for you! Including all of the below benefits that self catering hen packages offer!


The availability of self catering accommodation is great, so if you’re looking for a house in the middle of the countryside of the middle of the city, there will be something perfect for you we’re sure!


You have the freedom of not needing to worry about anyone else, if you are looking for a place where you can usually be as loud as you like and play whatever music you want, then self catering accommodation for your hen is a must.


Self Catering Accommodation is a bargain, you get beds for everyone and splitting the cost of a €600 a night house can bring it down to only about €20 per person a night.


Activities can take place in the house, so you don’t have to go anywhere and can even get a stripper or butler in the buff right to your house!


Save money here too and cook a massive dinner or lunch in the house, treat it like an activity and have a great time breaking the ice!


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