Irish v abroad, Irish Hen Party V Abroad

Irish Hen Party V Abroad

Having a hen party abroad has many appealing factors to it at the moment, with many people having more expendable money than in previous years. Therefore it is popular to have a bit of an elaborate hen party, especially when hen parties abroad can be so cheap!

But we still recommend having your hen party in Ireland, which is controversial but hear us out!

No Hidden Costs

When going abroad there are always a few hidden costs that can be easy to forget about when booking the flights and hotel. From city tax to transfers and taxis (who take advantage of tourists), you can easily rack up an extra hundred euro or two if you’re not careful. In Ireland there is no need for passports, transfers from airports and no city tax.

Comfortable Surroundings

For Hen Parties that want to go abroad, there will always be a couple of participants who would prefer to not go abroad for various different reasons such as fear of flying and being homesick. Having a hen at a home away from home can be the ideal situation for many, and it may not even feel like you’re in Ireland at all! A win win!

Finding New Discoveries

I don’t think anyone can say that they’ve seen every part of Ireland. A hen party is a great opportunity to see these places and visit somewhere previously unexplored. Discover Ireland to it’s true and natural beauty and find somewhere unique on our wonderful island.

Keeping Money in the Country

In this time of political turmoil and blah blah blah… The jist is that Ireland benefits hugely from Irish spending their money in Irish shops, stores, hotels, bars and so on. It keeps the money in Ireland and therefore the chance of that money coming back to you is more likely! Stay Irish and give back to the community! #teamIreland

Hangover Coming Home

You have to think of the hangover in advance. Having a hangover can be traumatic enough without adding in flight sickness. The hangover needs to be catered to and a decent Irish fry up must be nearby!

Less Hassle

Finally, the biggest point is that there is simply less hassle when having the hen party in Ireland, no need to worry about making it to flights 2 hours beforehand, less traveling, no worrying about tickets or where not to go and where has pickpockets. It’s so much simpler, and even easier if you want to book through us in


Irish Hen Party V Abroad
Irish Hen Party V Abroad
Irish v abroad, Irish Hen Party V Abroad


By Eddie Hen Party Ideas