covid, How to adapt your Hen party to Covid Guidelines

How to adapt your Hen party to Covid Guidelines

Now that the restrictions have eased up and you are allowed gatherings of 30 again, its time to start planning a socially distanced hen. Don’t fret, socially distanced hen parties can be equally as enjoyable. The restrictions could continue into 2021 so it’s all about adapting to the new normal.


We’ve come up with a few idea’s on how you can still host a fabulous evening for yourself and the hen gang! The big do is paused for the moment but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fabulous time!

1. Self-Catering

Our first option is self-catering accommodation. This is a safer method during Covid. Self-catering allows you to have full scope of the house for the weekend. You’ve got the option to stay indoors for dinner or go out for a meal. A good option is booking a meal out and having a few drinks at the property. Mobile hen party activities are another option. For example, cube games and paint-a-nude. There are lots of beautiful country houses that could be a lovely option. Escape to the country and have a lovely relaxed evening with the girls.

How to adapt your Hen party to Covid Guidelines

2. Hire out a room at a hotel

Hiring out a private room at a hotel is another brilliant option for hen groups. This allows the group to have the evening to themselves with no worrying about time limits. You can also have a meal and a couple of drinks with this option.

How to adapt your Hen party to Covid Guidelines

3. Stay at home

Finally, is to plan an evening at home for your hen do. This option is simpler and more relaxed. If you’ve a large space at home and the weather is permitting, you could host a lovely gathering at home to celebrate getting married. This way is a safer method and you won’t have to worry about being in contact with a lot of people. There are also lots of catering companies you could organise to sort out the food.

How to adapt your Hen party to Covid Guidelines


1. Self Catering

If it is a case and you really want to plan a weekend hen do, with accommodation, self-catering is your best bet. We would advise with Covid, self-catering has become an extremely popular option to book far in advance to avoid disappointment.

2. Hotel

Staying in hotels are another good option during Covid. They are all trying their best to adapt in the best way possible to the guidelines. The advantages of staying in a hotel are the leisure centre guidelines. A lot of hotels are only allowing residents to use their facilities. This would be great as you could organise to do a spa day during your stay. You could also book a lovely meal in the hotel and have a couple of drinks with the group.

How to adapt your Hen party to Covid Guidelines


There are lots of activities to get involved in even during the restrictions. Most places are back up and running with the new guidelines. Here is a list of some of the activities we would recommend.


Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are a good option as you can socially distance and you are out in the fresh air. Activities like paintball, bubble football, surfing, segway tour, personalised scavenger hunt, cycling tour, and much more.

How to adapt your Hen party to Covid Guidelines


If you need some extra assistance, feel free to contact us for any hen related queries. If you do not want the hassle of organising the hen weekend.



By Eddie Hen Party Tips