group payment system, How our Group Payment System Works

How our Group Payment System Works

At Henfree, we use an online payment system which makes everyone’s life a little bit easier. There is no need to worry about trying to gather money off everyone in the party. Our online payment system is called Eventemo.

To encourage everyone in the group to meet the deadlines of each payment, Eventemo automatically chases everyone in the group, by email or SMS. Eventemo will also update the lead booker regularly with activity from your group. Eventemo speeds up chasing if your group is overdue on payments.

How Eventemo Works

Eventemo is an online payments platform which enables your hen party guests to all individually pay for themselves from the comfort of their own home. Firstly, the lead booker must pay a deposit fee of €50 to secure your hen party booking. This can be done online or over the phone. After this step, we will then set your group up on Eventemo. On Eventemo, you will also be able to see the groups itinerary for the hen weekend.

Paying the Deposit

Once every individual in the party is set up on Eventemo, you will receive an email from Eventemo stating the deadline to pay your deposit fee of €40. A date for the deadline is selected. Every individual must have their deposit paid by this date. The date selected to pay the deposit fee is twelve weeks prior to the date of your event. You will receive reminders to pay this fee.

Paying the Balance Fee

The balance of the overall package deadline is six weeks prior to the date your event is due to take place. You will also receive reminder emails to pay this fee.


With Henfree, the hen is free of charge. She does not have to pay for anything. Her costs are covered. If numbers in the group change, prices will change however it will only be a small change in price.


Hopefully, this guide will have answered the questions you may have had regarding our online payment system. We hope you enjoy your next hen party organised by us, at Henfree!


By Eddie Hen Party Tips