hen party or bridal shower, Hen Party V Bridal Shower

Hen Party V Bridal Shower

A Hen or Bachelorette Party is mainly a night or weekend out in a location away from home with a relatively large group of the brides friends and family. This makes a hen party a very popular option for brides, especially in Ireland and focuses on everyone having fun!

A Bridal Shower

In comparison a bridal shower is a much more relaxed event based around showering the bride with gifts, sounds great, right? So to plan an event such as this, you must be aware that the bridal shower is only meant for those closest to the bride, nothing like a hen party. It is also a much more relaxed time, with everyone typically staying in the house and not going anywhere special. Think pizza, wine and presents!


Comparing the two is quite easy, and it’s mostly common in Ireland for Brides to have just the Hen Party but the Bridal Shower is definitely an opportunity to have a party with a smaller group of friends in celebration of your special day.

So the Hen party is the bigger party, typically based in another location and having a night out doing activities with a group. Whereas the bridal shower is a much more laisser affair approach with a base focus on giving presents to the amazing bride!


Arranging a Bridal Shower is pretty simple, get the brides closest friends together and have a great night in. A hen party can be much more difficult, which is where we at HenFree.ie come in. Book with us for the best deals and easiest process, starting with our online package builder which gives you an immediate price estimate. Drop us an email to get started.

hen party or bridal shower, Hen Party V Bridal Shower

hen party or bridal shower, Hen Party V Bridal Shower

By Eddie Hen Party Ideas