Hen Party Ideas for Older Groups

Hen Party Ideas for Older Groups

Does your group consist mainly of Over 40s and need something a little bit quieter for the hen do. If so, then let us run through a few activities and ideas that might suit the group perfectly. So typically an older group going on a hen party would prefer a hotel stay for a night or 2 and the destination would normally be within Ireland to both keep costs down and avoid the plane. So say a trip to Kilkenny would certainly be on the cards for an older hen party group.

Even if it’s just the mother and aunt who are the older women invited to the hen, sometimes it’s a good idea to make the party geared towards the older members so that everyone is capable of actually going on the hen party. So a mature hen party is not a bad idea even for a mainly younger group. Just enjoy the night/s by ensuring the hen goes free with us in HenFree. We also get the best prices and packages when compared to our competitors. So let’s get into our top ideas for a mature hen party in terms of activities. It’s not always just the day time activities by any means!

Afternoon Tea

An afternoon in a fancy hotel or tea parlour rooms would not go astray at all for a hen party whether it’s an older group or not. Often groups enjoy the time spent chatting having tea, coffee and cakes. Not only that though, but you can include gin or prosecco instead.

Dance Class

A Dance Class is a great option for a hen party, young or old. It’s not too active that the older members of the groups would not enjoy it, but also active enough to break a sweat. An option for everyone and low cost!

Treasure Trail

A Trail through the city is a great idea for many hens who want to explore Kilkenn, Galway, Cork, Dublin or otherwise. It’s a mapped tour that you guide yourselves, and is often personalised to the bride. Including “in” jokes and pictures as a few teams “race” to the finish answering the sheet along the way.


Karaoke is another great idea for an older hen party. Stay in the one pub and get a Karaoke night of fun with the best songs that you can sing and have as much fun as you can muster. It’s all up to you!

Cocktail Making

Cocktail making is a perfect activity to start off the night. Get going with a bit of make your own cocktail and hens of all ages will enjoy it. Learning what parts making the best cocktail or have that one show off that “once worked in a bar”, love it.

Positivity & Prosecco

A new relaxing activity that can be arranged from anywhere  but was created in Kilkenny. Something a little different for hen parties, especially perfect for the older groups.

Hen Party Ideas for Older Groups

Hen Party Ideas for Older Groups



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