Online Group Payments

A Simple Way To Manage Your Booking


Hen Free’s online Hen Party payment system makes it easy to pay your deposits, manage your booking and get everyone on the same page. With just a few clicks everything is added to the Party and can see the itinerary and manage their payments. We know all too well how frustrating it can be to put in charge of a Hen Party and try to manage everyone. You have to meet up and get cash from people then go and deposit it, or send bank details and follow up to make sure it’s gone through. With our system everyone manages their own money.


Each Hen can choose how and when they would like to pay. Want to pay it all upfront? You can! Or maybe you’d like to spread the payment out with weekly/monthly instalments. Well you can do that too! You don’t even have to worry about missing a deadline – you can set up automatic payments and forget about the whole thing.


Paying for the Hen isn’t all you get to do with our system! You can view your itinerary online and see where and when you’ll be going.