expectations, Hen Party Expectations v Reality

Hen Party Expectations v Reality

When organising a hen party let alone attending one, you can have a lot of amazing expectations of the weekend which don’t usually always go to plan. We’ve come up with a few of the common expectations v realities that take place!

Organising the Date & Itinerary for the Weekend

Expectation: You expect the whole group to agree on a date, location, activities, and it will all be smooth sailing.

Reality: Not one person can agree on the date, location, and activities.

The Hen Weekend

Expectation: The weekend will be a huge success; the group will have a brilliant weekend, and everything will run smoothly! The whole group will show to the glamourous spot you’ve all finally come to an agreement on, arrive on time, and with big smiles on their faces.

Reality: Two ladies do not show up at all and three ladies are late bear in mind there is a strict time schedule. You have organised and paid for everything from transport, activities, meals, to the hotel. The stress level is high at this point.

The Night Out

Expectation: You do not have too much to drink and are able to compose yourself in a respectable manner.

Reality: You completely lose the run of yourself and can’t string a sentence together by the end of the night.

The Group Getting on Together

Expectation: All the women in the group get on brilliantly and there are no catfights or arguments.

Reality: Some ladies do not see eye to eye and fights break out.

expectations, Hen Party Expectations v Reality
expectations, Hen Party Expectations v Reality
expectations, Hen Party Expectations v Reality
By Eddie Hen Party Tips