smaller hen groups, Hen Parties for Smaller Groups

Hen Parties for Smaller Groups

Hen parties can be equally as fun with a smaller group. There is a stigma around hen parties having a large number per group but in reality, who actually has that many best friends to invite on the hen weekend? We certainly don’t! This blog will detail different idea’s for hen parties of a smaller group. In fact, it’s easier to plan a small hen party as there are less people to please!


First up, accommodation. With smaller numbers, it will be a lot easier to find a place to spend the weekend. No need to worry about trying to get somewhere to cater for such a large group. The world is your oyster when it comes to finding somewhere to stay with a small group.



In our opinion, with smaller groups, you can choose more unique and intimate activities. As the group is smaller, it is easier to interact and chat with the whole hen group. See below a list of some popular hen activities for smaller groups!

  1. Spa Day
  2. Paint-a-Nude
  3. Afternoon Tea
  4. Cocktail Class
  5. Hen Cruise
  6. Perfume Making
  7. Flower Workshop
  8. Cycling Tour


Making a reservation in a restaurant will also prove to be slightly easier with a smaller group. No need to plan far in advance as most restaurants will be able to slot you in.


Struggling to organise your hen? Pop us an email or fill out our online package builder and we can help you out. Let us take care of it all, from accommodation, activities, food, and transport, we take care of it all.

smaller hen groups, Hen Parties for Smaller Groups
smaller hen groups, Hen Parties for Smaller Groups
smaller hen groups, Hen Parties for Smaller Groups


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