Hen do, Extra Bits and Pieces to have for a Hen Do

Extra Bits and Pieces to have for a Hen Do

When organising a hen weekend, there are so many bits and pieces to think of. As the lead organiser, you must plan the whole weekend start to finish. This can prove to be stressful. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about the little extra things that make the weekend really unique and special. We’re going to give you some ideas to make your hen weekend stand out! All the girls will be super impressed. Keep on reading to find out!



Goodie Bag

Prep a goodie bag for all the ladies attending the hen weekend. An idea is to get customised tote bags with the slogan ‘team bride’. Fill the goodie bag with hen weekend necessities. Items like plasters, blister plasters, tissues, painkillers, sanitary products, hand cream, lip balm, mini deodorant, face mask, mints or gum, lollipop, badge, photo and selfie props, team bridge signs, disposable camera, customised team bride pen, team bride straws, and bubbles.

Personalised Tee’s

Creating your very own personalised t-shirts for all the gang attending the hen weekend is another great way to add an extra oomph. Either wear the t-shirts during the weekend or keep them as a souvenir, it’s nice to have something to remember from the weekend. We offer personalised t-shirts for €20 per person in all our packages.


Choosing more personal activities will make your hen weekend more unique. Take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the bride and the overall group. Activities that incorporate creativity include a Floral Workshop or a  Perfume Workshop

Activities where teamwork and bonding are the focus always go down as a treat. They allow the whole group to interact with one another. It takes the pressure off awkward chats if everyone in the group doesn’t already know one another! Treasure Trails, Cocktail Class, Wine / Gin Tasting or Escape Rooms are great interactive activities.


We hope you found this blog helpful and got some idea’s for your upcoming hen party!


Hen do, Extra Bits and Pieces to have for a Hen Do
Hen do, Extra Bits and Pieces to have for a Hen Do
By Eddie Hen Party Tips