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Cube Games

Enjoy working under pressure? Maybe the Cube challenge is the activity for you. Cube Games are based off the famous TV Show ‘The Cube’. Cube games take place indoors or outdoors depending on preference. You will be split into teams and battle against each other. The game has a ton of mini games where the 2 teams compete against each other. One game requires contestants to deposit 10 balls through the hole in the fastest time possible. The first person to have all ten balls through the hole wins! The hen party will also have to swap 10 balls (1 box of solids and 1 box of stripes) from a box they currently are into another box. The fastest person to finish wins!  Another one of the games is where contestants must move a stack of nine bricks from left to right. The final round is to stack 6 balls on one-inch metal tubes! If you have a lot of patience, this activity is for you. Challenge yourself with Cube Games on your hen party.

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